Conversation: Kristine Petersone

Counterpoint's featured photographer for our ninth issue was Kristine Petersone. We spoke to her about living in the city as a photographer and how she approaches her practice.

Where are you based - and what do you love about being there?

I am currently based in London. I love the busyness of the city and sort of getting lost in it. Also, there are many places to go and things to see - always. It is a great source of inspiration and also meeting and collaborating with other creatives. 

You said that your photo story for this issue was about 'desire and curiosity' - are those themes that you have explored before in your work?

I would say I wanted to show my internal emotions, sort of externalize it. I think it is a great way to inspire - from your own experiences and feelings and 'get them out'. I am very curious and sometimes get in trouble because of that, as well as I tend to find new things and become so over-obsessed with them, that they take over my life. 

How do you approach telling a story or a narrative with photography?

I firstly jot down an idea. Could be anywhere, any time of the day. Then I tend to keep it at the back of my mind and come back to it later, with a little more content to add. I like to just draw it and write it out with notes for myself. Once I think I have everything for the concept drawn out, I search for the right people to work with - I need to meet them and see of course if we click and if the concept 'catches on'. When the shoot is planned out, on the actual shooting day, I do like to get surprised with quick ideas and deviate off the plan for any good 'in the moment' ideas. 

I'm assuming you really love photography as a craft - but it's also your job, and there must occasionally be some overlap between your personal and professional lives. How do you keep the two separate?

I don't! Photography is such a big part of my life, I rarely am not doing it (in my head or in practice). I know you are supposed to switch off, but for me I just might to do that only when I procrastinate by the TV and my brain is busy with something else, really important. But it all tends to come back to be connected with photography, because even my other hobbies and interests inspire my photography.