Illustrator: Eunjoo Lee

Part of Counterpoint's mission is to showcase the work of the artists involved. We're always trying to come up with ways to celebrate our contributors - without them, we wouldn't have a magazine!

We've decided to put together a series of interviews with our previous contributors. Our first is Eunjoo Lee, a Korean illustrator studying MA Illustration at Glasgow School of Art. Eunjoo did a totally awesome illustration for our most recent issue (above), but her work has also appeared in The Skinny, Gum Magazine and other publications in Korea.

What do you like drawing the most?

Nowadays I fall in love to draw cactus and owl, I don’t know why. Maybe cactus is my favourite plant and I have them, and owl is really graceful. I am struggle with new work. Now I am making scarf, them is day and night. Using Owl and cactus, but.. really difficult to make, it will be long journey, I guess.

Do you have any illustration heroes?

I effect a lot from fine art. My favourite artist is Peter Doig, and he is Scottish artist. His work is amazingly beautiful, lots of elements make me dream. I really love nature, and his works portrait fantasy of nature.

Also I like Picasso's etching works. He have lots of symbol. I also love that kinds of mythological story, so his work give me lots of inspiration. 

How do you approach your illustration process?

I usually bring my diary or sketch book and put some idea with drawing. It is really good for creative work. After I have rough idea about my work, I do my research. My research is mostly from book. Text makes me more space for imagination. Usually after that I make visual language using Photoshop. Sometimes, I use etching or silkscreen as material, before I used lithography a lot, however nowadays I didn't that much.

What's your day job?

Grab some coffee and relax, and thinking about day schedule in the morning. And usually go to studio and do some work. I am studying MA Communication course in Glasgow School of art. Studio gives me lots of impression, because of my classmates. I really enjoy talking about our work. Also sometimes I ask about my work to them, and it is really helpful, because if I really into my work,  I can not see others, and they let me know that others. And usually I spent my night time to watching movies and write diary. Going to bed actually the most favourite things for me haha. Cause I always have lots of dream, and those dreams are really exciting. Seriously, I am thinking to make cartoon about my dream.